Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Overheard in the gym

The cast: Muscle Boy 1 (MB1), Muscle Boy 2 (MB2), Middle-Aged Runt (Me).

Note: all comments due to "Me" were made only in my own mind, as indicated by square brackets [].

Scene: In the locker room of a gym in Colaba, late evening. A huge march is unfolding on the street in front, a stone's throw from the Gateway of India and Taj Mahal Hotel, to protest against Indian politicians and their inaction on terrorism.

MB1: Arre yaar, you know that Nariman House was a centre for Mossad agents.

MB2: Really!

MB1: Of course! How could those people be priests? Come on, there were two terrorists for the Taj and two for Oberoi and you think they would send two more just for some stupid priests?

MB2: Oh.

Me: [So how come everyone including Baby Moshe didn't come out with guns blazing? I mean, can the Mossad be that bad?]

MB1: They were Mossad agents, I'm telling you.

MB2: You know, the U.S. has told us to go ahead and do what we have to do.

MB1: Yes but we don't have the balls. Look at the U.S. After their reaction to 9/11 no one has dared to attack them.

MB2: Yes and you know, last week the terrorists had planned to attack the U.S. too, or... or... (thinks furiously) or maybe the U.S. consulate, I'm not sure. But it was in the PAPERS!!

Me: [So how could it not be true?]

MB1: We don't have the balls, I'm telling you. Napunsak (impotent). That's what we are. Bloody napunsak.

MB2: Napunsak.

MB1: Yah, Napunsak. I'm telling you.

MB2: Anyway it's no use protesting is it! (referring to the march taking place outside)

MB1: No, absolutely no use. No point at all.

MB2: It's better to be at the gym... (pauses as a bright thought strikes him) getting fit to fight terrorists!

MB1: You're right!!

Me: [Be sure to publicise your mobile number in case the nation needs you!]

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Ramanan said...

Appreciate your sense of humour in Line 1 ! Of course the whole article was funny too.