Monday, December 1, 2008

Operation Water Rat 2006 - don't miss it!

Yesterday (November 30) evening, CBN-IBN aired a re-run of a programme first aired on February 2, 2006. In this video two journalists showed how they managed to bring a cargo of 45 kg of "contraband" (empty boxes, but which could have been full of explosives or anything else) through international waters into Bombay by fishing boat completely unchallenged. They drove the boxes to the Gateway of India and, with the Taj Heritage in the background, recounted to the camera how they could well have been terrorists trying to bomb the Gateway and sites around it. Today it makes chilling viewing.

You can see a truncated (5-minute) version of the video online here. It's truly astounding. But the full TV programme was even more astounding for the details it revealed about the dysfunctional Customs and Coast Guard. It's not that there is poor policing of our coasts, there is no policing at all!

If anyone finds a longer version of the video online, please let me know.

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