Monday, May 21, 2012

Back to "tonia"

I hadn't planned to write again about my dystonia, but as you'll see, I'm now obliged to do so.

I'll keep this brief. I acquired lingual dystonia in Cambridge between March 5-8. The cause of this disorder is essentially mysterious and the condition is very stubborn, and in my case there was absolutely no improvement for a couple of months, during which I could only mumble. However, now the time-reverse of the original process has occurred. Between May 16-19, in Cambridge again, the dystonia started to go away and by the evening of May 19 (two days ago) my speech had become "normal" again, or very close to it.

I'm delighted and grateful to be able to speak clearly again. Though this is a problem that can in principle recur, I feel I should share the good news right away (specially in view of this old blog posting of mine on the topic of sharing good news!). And I'd like to thank the many caring and supportive readers who communicated their kind words to me during these last few months.

Why did the improvement take place? Not because of the Cambridge weather for sure! It's grey, cold and gloomy now, exactly as it was from March 5-8. And my general health is not better, or worse, and I'm not more cheerful, or less, than at any other time. So the reason is perhaps Clonazepam, or perhaps the passage of time.

But it's best if I just follow my doctor's excellent advice: "never question why you are better".


Neelima said...

All caused by Saturn in the seventh house. Fixed by going to the Shani temple at Shani Paar and you did! Slightly delayed effect though.

sukratu said...

Psychosomatic illnesses. Your experience with one of those makes me curious as I have been hearing about them and many particular persons in my know who are suffering from them....and suffering pretty badly. Doctors (not restricted to
western medicine but even ayurved and homeopathy) simply freeze when asked about the "root cause". Strangely, that sounds like the shopkeepers' behaviour you have encountered!

Also, the comment above is really interesting if you listen to anecdotal
evidence of the people who suffer from psychosomatic disorders. In my own case, several years before my disorder erupted (Irritable Bowel Syndrome manifested after Sprue's Syndrome)
my horoscope apparently contained
a very close sounding prediction
"a disorder very difficult to diagnose
erupts near the kidney region of the body and is caused by an external agency and stays for 2 and a 1/2 years"
I have been suffering really badly for the past 2 years and few months. So looks like the ordeal is due to end soon. Interestingly, the reason for
IBS is unknown even to medical science
as of date. Yes, and the recommended visits to a Hanuman temple for 11 consecutive Saturdays did help ameliorate my condition. That would be interesting to note.

Anonymous said...


Curious who you are, and interesting to find what you report on (though there could be other valid hypotheses, too). Would like to get in touch. Could you please drop me a line (no spaces): aj 175 t p {AT] yahoo [dot> co <dot} in. Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...


Hadn't checked out your blog for a long time. Noticed that you had an illness and came out of it, in the meanwhile. Congrats. (... BTW, don't mistake me. I do have a lot of issues to settle with physicists, esp. Indian ones, of course including you. However, my requirement is that the agency to effect such a settlement must remain with me, not with some unknown illness with an odd name that simply happens. There is no fun in the latter.)