Friday, August 21, 2009

Jaswant sings but book not to be banned!

I'm basically an innocent when it comes to politics, innocence being defined as "I can't figure out why L.K. Advani and Jaswant Singh would both annoy their own party at different times by praising Jinnah." Still less do I understand why being pro-Jinnah does not seem to have created a bond between them and they remain enemies.

Not having read the books or heard the speeches of either of these worthies (other than Advani's inflammatory speeches during the Ram Janmabhoomi agitation which I've seen repeatedly on TV and video) I can't comment on their views. But what startled me today was an article in The Hindu titled "No ban on Jaswant’s book for now" informing us that Karnataka CM Yeddyurappa has magnanimously decided not to ban the book. "We have taken this decision" (of not banning the book) he is supposed to have said.

Since when was not banning a book a "decision"? And how low have we sunk that we countenance such talk over a minor intra-party fracas? Even knowing Mr N. Ram's fondness for censorship when it's convenient, I'm still appalled by the apologetic tone of The Hindu article -- they make it sound as if the Karnataka CM's non-censorship decision exemplifies his kind and generous nature!


Arun said...

The article in The Hindu you sited is quite sub-standard in its tone, but overall The Hindu has been covering the issue very well. Please see Sidharth Varadharajan's article in today's paper, or yesterdays editorial, or the numerous other reports on this, and the republication of their 60 year old editorial on Jinnah. Ram is innocent here, IMHO :)

Arati said...

Can't take anything K-CM says seriously, esp. not when he is storming his brain - may a lightening strike and darkness be dispelled - even temporarily.