Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bharatiya Jhagda Party?

The BJP is not in a happy place at this moment. Its general secretary and party president are not on talking terms, its spiritual allies are busy degrading Hinduism and making tolerant Karnataka into a mini-Afghanistan, its ideologues have succeeded in placing a Ram temple (not governance, health care and education) at the top of its election agenda, and its claims of being tough about terrorism aren't selling to anyone who remembers the Parliament attacks and the Kandahar capitulation. All in all, the party looks rather weak and leaderless.

And now Varun Gandhi has threatened to cut off peoples' hands if they (the people, not the hands) think Hindus are weak and leaderless! What's more, his supporters have supposedly raised the slogan: "Varun nahin yeh aandhi hai, doosra Sanjay Gandhi hai ." I couldn't agree more.


Rahul Basu said...

even that ogre Sanjay Gandhi did not pursue a hateful communal agenda.

Anil said...

Have you seen his visage?!!! And incidentally, his proper surname would be Ghandy, as most Parsis would spell it.

Cheeta said...

This is, of course, the same Gandhi originally named Feroze Varun - did he drop the first name because it was insufficiently Hindu-sounding?

Of course, perhaps Varun should recall his grandfathers: one a Parsi and the other a Sikh. If someone with such an ancestry can now claim to speak for and on behalf of "Hindus" it would be only because of the tolerance and universality of that culture - the very antithesis of the philosophy he and his cohorts in his current political party espouse and, alas, propagate.