Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Indian journalists are "paanchvi fail"!

For those of you who thought some minimal intelligence was required to be a journalist in our country, think again.

Here is a quote from Deccan Herald last Sunday:

"Fugitive Nazi held in State.

Hubli, DHNS: A former top Nazi colonel was arrested on Saturday from the Khanapur forests on the Karnataka-Goa border. Col Johann Bach, a high-ranking officer in Hitler’s elite Waffen SS (Schutzstaffel), was absconding for more than 50 years. He had moved into Calangute in Goa a few months back and had settled down under a fake identity. But the 88-year-old Bach’s activities in Calangute betrayed him and soon the intelligence wing of Perus Narkp, the Berlin-based German Chancellor’s Core, was on his trail."

Perus Narkp?? Johann Bach?? Surely there's something black in the dal? But no,our leading papers including Deccan Herald, Asian Age, Deccan Chronicle, Daily Times, Indian Express, Times of India, Telegraph (Calcutta) and many more fell for the fake press release. If they couldn't guess that Perus Narkp was an anagram for "Super Prank" (played apparently by a bunch of Goan bloggers, see this blog site for more details) then surely the implausibility of a "Marsha Tikash Whanaab concentration camp in East Berlin" should have alerted them?

Having watched the declining standards of Indian journalism over the years, it doesn't surprise me that we have finally reached a stage where no knowledge of anything is required and a complete imbecile can finally be a reporter - even at the once great Times of India!

It must be said though that The Hindu and Hindustan Times appear to have not fallen for the ploy. Given all the other things I hold against them, this point must nevertheless be chalked up to their credit.


Rahul Basu said...

to repeat what I said on Rahul Sid's blog - yes, the Hindu publishes only well authenticated stories - the speeches of Comrade Karat!!

AmOK said...

This distinction is not limited to Indian journalism. This is the New Journalism.
In time, you too will believe in Perus Narkp.

In defense of Indians and journalists, scientists too have been found to be "NNN-vi fail" on numerous occasions. It is whatever the market will bear and what we want to believe. You are right. We must remain vigilant, especially against ourselves.

Sunil Mukhi said...

The Hindu has chosen to gloat over this story, you'll find the article here.